We had our book launch with a fabulous turnout, a reading of two poems by Louise Hayward. Gray Bartlett provided music and it was a lovely atmosphere.
You can view the reading at Ode to Chris Cornell

- Louise Hayward

We've been getting ready for the book to emerge from the printers. We've had a photoshoot, our first review and we've had a radio interview with Tematera at the RedRoom Sessions Radio Show https://soundcloud.com/tematera/ep-41-ft-built-louise-hayward (We are 10 mins from the end at 53mins:) The radio show was so much fun and I hope you enjoy it too.

- Louise Hayward


"Earthy, elemental, edging me into another epoch. "As it Was" is the ancient ebbing & flowing of love & longing in poetic heart-beats. A coming home journey into ourselves & earth's bounty, of which hope is an essential treasure to be discovered."

- Janelle Fletcher - author of Dancing in Her Own Full Moonlight - the Ebb and Flow of Being Fully Woman. www.janellefletcher.com

"Absolutely perfect. Internationally impactful. A true professional in every way. Highly recommend."

- Brian Leonard