Kiwi Summer 2019 Hallo! & Welcome! We are having a fantastic summer here and I have been busy with the book as well as starting on a new one! People have said to me that I should write one for the children and so that's exactly what I'm doing. So far writing down at the beach has been very fruitful - somehow its easier to write there. I guess when we are more relaxed most things are easier! I have a photographer coming around on Saturday and even though the photos will probably be taken inside, I feel compelled to tidy up the garden and have the lawn mown again! This is for a magazine a dear friend told me about so I'm quite excited! Very good reviews of 'As It Was' and 150 people rated with 4 or 5 stars at Amazon's Goodreads HERE.
Another lovely thing happened. 'As It Was' is dedicated to Chris Cornell. One of my friends went to his Tribute Concert in Los Angeles last month (Even Metallica played !!) and sent me not one but two wonderful commemorative T-Shirts!! Oh how I treasure them! Thanks Mano! Very special. It's almost Valentine's Day and my birthday, so of course I am taking my wheelbarrow in to work on Thursday! I hope you are thoroughly spoilt and enjoy this very special day of love. Louise

- Louise Hayward

Well! What a year it has been and thank you for being part of this amazing time. I am so thankful that 'As It Was' is out there in the world, online too! To think that this time last year I was looking for an illustrator and 'As It Was' seemed a long way away! So many of you helped the book along the way- thank you and I hope you LOVE it!!
I am so grateful to you all. Such a long list of friends who helped out in some way - we've had the radio interview, the book launch (which was so much fun!) the interview with David, the video and the two readings of the poems.
Having Gray Bartlett at the launch was wonderful and I'm so happy that he attended. It was while I worked with Gray that I started writing poetry and we found out more recently that we both had a very famous and wonderful 'influencer' in the great writer Ernest Hemmingway! 'The Old Man and the Sea' was a huge influence whilst at school, have you read it, incredible story.
Since the launch we've been in the North Shore Times and completed the famous 'Elsewhere' questionaire with my hero music writer Graham Reid. An interview with a Rural Magazine is also scheduled. Alot of my writing was done on the West Coast in a small rural town only metres from the coast. In fact a few miles away, were some of the 'Lord of the Rings' movie location shots.
So beautiful and quiet enough that you can actually think (and write) and have good old fashioned fun. Next year I will start on another 'book' project so we will see how we go :)
Thank you again and I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays.
P.S. If you enjoyed the book or a poem, I would love it if you wrote a quick review in the 'review section on my facebook page':) www.facebook.com/pg/LouiseHaywardBooks/reviews/

- Louise Hayward

We had our book launch with a fabulous turnout, a reading of two poems by Louise Hayward. Gray Bartlett provided music and it was a lovely atmosphere.
You can view the reading at Ode to Chris Cornell

- Louise Hayward

We've been getting ready for the book to emerge from the printers. We've had a photoshoot, our first review and we've had a radio interview with Tematera at the RedRoom Sessions Radio Show https://soundcloud.com/tematera/ep-41-ft-built-louise-hayward (We are 10 mins from the end at 53mins:) The radio show was so much fun and I hope you enjoy it too.

- Louise Hayward


"Earthy, elemental, edging me into another epoch. "As it Was" is the ancient ebbing & flowing of love & longing in poetic heart-beats. A coming home journey into ourselves & earth's bounty, of which hope is an essential treasure to be discovered."

- Janelle Fletcher - author of Dancing in Her Own Full Moonlight - the Ebb and Flow of Being Fully Woman. www.janellefletcher.com

"Absolutely perfect. Internationally impactful. A true professional in every way. Highly recommend."

- Brian Leonard