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A gorgeous book, with even brighter coloured illustrations and a cover the children will delight in.

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Thank you very much for your book 'As it Was' which arrived very promptly. You must have had a great deal of satisfaction in writing it. It is wonderfully descriptive and observational, and covers a wide variety of subjects and different parts of the world. It is beautifully presented. It reminded me a little of Wordsworth's 'Ode to Immortality', but there, there is an old man looking back - and he cannot extract the same delight from the same things any more. Yours seem to rejoice in the memories without regret. I enjoyed the book. Sincerely John Collinge

- John Collinge Former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom

Got your book. Remarkable. Hope it goes well.

- Michael Hill of Michael Hill Jewellery

"Earthy, elemental, edging me into another epoch. "As it Was" is the ancient ebbing & flowing of love & longing in poetic heart-beats. A coming home journey into ourselves & earth's bounty, of which hope is an essential treasure to be discovered."

- Janelle Fletcher - author of Dancing in Her Own Full Moonlight - the Ebb and Flow of Being Fully Woman.

Absolutely perfect. Internationally impactful. A true professional in every way. Highly recommend.

- Brian Leonard, Michigan USA

Like a sea shanty, our finest folklore, like a Kauri Tree, mighty and strong, powerful breaks the dawn, over the forest of Aotearoa, Tane Mahuta, Rongomatane Gods of Rongoa Maori medicine. Reminded me of the element of water, the sea God Tangaroa, like a waka, a vessel afloat made of Totora, "Well my name is Davy Lowston" the first of its kind, Hello Sailor sings thru my mind: 'Took 100 yrs to be found, the ship wreck 1810 ran aground, stranded in paradise, they did seal..' like music to my ears... This poetry book tops the winds of tawhirimatea. (In Maori mythology, Tawhirimatea (or Tawhiri) is the god of weather, including thunder and lightning, wind, clouds and storms. He is a son of Papatuanuku (earth mother) and Ranginui (sky father).

- Toni Wairama, Auckland

Here, the words are so real for today.

- Juanita Fisher, Auckland