'Freddie's Toy Tales'

While Dad's away, the toys will play!
Freddie is a young boy whose dad is often away overseas travelling to many countries.
Dad sends Freddie a new toy from each country he is visiting so he knows he's thinking of him.
One day Freddie misses his dad so much,
he decides to make up a story about each animal toy as if it was alive.
Fully illustrated to surprise and delight,
Freddie's stories are rhyming verses full of fun, mischievousness and a special love of nature.

'As It Was'

With this book come thoughts and journeys from days gone by to inspire us all today. A little mystery, excitement, intrigue and magic. Some surprises for you, some joy and happiness too. Hope of another day, another life, another way for our future. 'As It Was' is most of all about "Hope". A hopeful 'Now' brings us a hopeful future.'

Lulu Walters Author for our Children

Lulu Walters is a New Zealand author who creates entertaining,
rhyming stories of mystery and delight for children.
Nature always inspires her work.
Having worked in New Zealand and London, Lulu has travelled
to East Africa, Australasia, the United States and Europe.
Often spellbound by our beautiful world, animals and people,
Lulu aims to provide inspiration, joy and hope for a brighter future.


Louise Hayward, Author

Inspired by John Keats, Ernest Hemingway, Bernard Shaw, Confucius and William Shakespeare, Louise has been writing poetry for three years. Born in Nelson, New Zealand to English parents, Louise and her family soon moved to Auckland. A career in International Banking led her to London where she worked and enjoyed the proximity to Europe and its fascinating art and history. More recently Louise gained a diploma in music & management, working as Publicist and P.A. to Music Promoter and renown guitarist Gray Bartlett. Poetry soon followed and became her favourite pastime. http://www.louisehaywardbooks.com

Eva Dooley

A final year Visual Communications student at Auckland University of Technology. After attending ACG Strathallan College, she was inspired to pursue a career in creative design. She has a particular love of oil as a medium and her work is inspired by the beauty of nature. After graduation, Eva plans to travel and work overseas.