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" His dad had said he was flying out in the morning

"But Dad, you'll see animals that I want to see."
"I'll bring you back a toy. Now quick as can be.
Off you go, I'll be back before you can count to three."
Of course, it wasn't true
But his dad kept his word
A toy from each country with its place of birth

When his dad came home for good
He showed him the toys all proud where they stood
His much-loved kiwi blinked brightly in the light
As if he'd woken with quite a fright
"Dad, they are like friends, I imagine they're alive!"

And these

"Rajah the Elephant"
I'm as free as a bird
They called me a nerd
But I'm an elephant
With my trunk I can reach the sky
My ears are so big I could fly

The cherry blossom tree is not for me
But oh, for an old thorn tree
I can scratch my tough skin
Take all the soft thorns right in
Hide from my friends
Like it's camouflage I'm in

I can stampede like the best
Never seem to want to rest
And I know my family
Never put me to the test

I love being an elephant
It's the best life I know
Just don't let me stand
On your big toe!

The Orange Orangutan

Hairy he was, as hairy as could be
Swinging his way through the tops of trees
What a swagger he had on his way
It made me want to laugh and play

Swagger he did with a wiggle and a waddle
Swagger he did, talking a load of twaddle
The orangutan he had a mate
And believe it or not her name was Kate

They'd rumble and tumble and chatter away
Always it seemed out at play
One day I saw them quite up close
And I nearly froze!

Because what Kate was holding was a baby no less
So close to them both I'd been put to the test
Still hugging so closely they climbed up the tree
They turned and left and waved merrily.